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  • APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI:

Besides being affirmed by another library, APA style requires sentence case for reference entries.  

However, despite the headache brought on by RefWorks multiple versions (I mean, isn't the purpose of a style guide to conform to one version?), RefWorks is trying to right a wrong. Some sources you're exporting from the databases, despite choosing the right setting within the cite tool, don't comply with APA 7th Ed.

RefWorks explanation of why they added multiple versions of APA 7th Ed. is that it "ensures flexibility given the variations in how metadata is delivered from outside sources". For example, they say that the citation format that ProQuest exports to Refworks doesn't comply with APA style. Knowing this you should select, "APA 7th (basic) - No Case Changes (No Title Casing), DOI: empty" as this ensures the output [of the citation] complies with APA. Here's the link that explains this. See the attached document. The document has citation examples from PubMed, EBSCO & ProQuest. It illustrates how the the use of the variation "strong arms" the non-complying metadata into compliance 🤣

Ultimately, you want your reference page to comply with APA 7th Ed. If you add the variation recommended for EBSCO & ProQuest sources, "APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI:", to your "favorites", you could deploy them as needed. Unless you expect to export PubMed sources frequently, skip adding that variation. Assuming all the other sources comply and don't require special treatment, use

  • APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI: